Call for Playwrights: New Works on Environmental Justice


Two commissions of $2000 plus $750 for production costs


City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs Performing Arts Division


Jun 21, 2024 - 11:59 pm




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The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs’ (DCA) proudly launches the Leimert Park Cultural Hub Festival of New Works with this Call for Playwrights. The Performing Arts Division (PERF) will commission two (2) professional playwrights to develop, write and present a short subject stage play reading on an environmental justice issue in the areas of Health, Air Quality, and Open Space. The winners will receive a 30-minute research session with a representative from the Los Angeles City Planning’s Environmental Justice Policy Team, and will be required to write a new work(s), conduct a table read, re-writes and rehearsals, all culminating in a staged reading.

Each professional playwright, selected by peer-panel-review, will receive a commission of $2000.00 to write the new work(s). A total of $1,500.00 ($750.00 for each winner), will be awarded for production costs towards two professionally staged readings. Works may include a one-person play, 2 to 3 ten-minute plays, or a one-act play (not to exceed thirty 30 minutes total running time in performance).


From Los Angeles City Planning

Environmental justice is defined in State law as the “fair treatment and meaningful involvement of people of all races, cultures, incomes, and national origins, with respect to the development, adoption, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.” The principle of environmental justice ensures equal and equitable protection from environmental and health hazards, while giving people fair and equal access to the planning and decision-making process.

However, residents in many of the City’s lower income neighborhoods continue to be more likely to live next to noxious land uses, truck routes, and other environmental hazards that affect their health. Combined with poor social and economic environments, many communities face the cumulative burden of risk and impact that may be addressed through a focus on public health and environmental justice. A commitment to environmental justice includes ensuring meaningful community participation in the planning process to promote equity and representation for underserved communities.

To find out more visit:
Environmental Justice Policy Program website:
Health Atlas 2021: download here. See Community Health and Equity Index in Chapter 13: Maps 114 & 115

From the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“Environmental justice” means the just treatment and meaningful involvement of all people, regardless of income, race, color, national origin, Tribal affiliation, or disability, in agency decision-making and other Federal activities that affect human health and the environment so that people:

  • are fully protected from disproportionate and adverse human health and environmental effects (including risks) and hazards, including those related to climate change, the cumulative impacts of environmental and other burdens, and the legacy of racism or other structural or systemic barriers; and
  • have equitable access to a healthy, sustainable, and resilient environment in which to live, play, work, learn, grow, worship, and engage in cultural and subsistence practices

To find out more visit:

From GreenAction for Health and Environmental Justice and other groups, hold that all people have the right to environmental protections and benefits, free from harm, pollution and threats to their bodily integrity (or to the ecosystem at large), and to live in an environment in which children and adults can thrive and live healthy and satisfying lives. It also hold that citizens have the right to participate in environmental decision-making.

These concepts of environmental justice are especially critical to the well-being of marginalized communities and to communities of color that have historically been vulnerable to destructive practices and harmful policies — think about hazardous waste dumps located in communities of color, unrestrained air and water pollution, and inferior or dangerous products. All of these add strains to other burdens on bodily autonomy.

To find out more visit:

For more information please contact

The deadline to apply is June 21, 2024, 11:59 p.m. via email. Please type ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PLAYS in the subject line. Click on button below for application guidelines, instructions and benchmarks.


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