Request for Ideas:
Memorial to the Victims of the 1871 Chinese Massacre


Stipends the design-selection and design-development process will be drawn from an initial $250,000 in approved funds for shortlisted artist/teams. The total budget is TBD for the final design.


City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs


Oct 12, 2022 - 5:00 pm

The City of Los Angeles is seeking conceptual ideas—from individuals, firms, or groups of artists, designers, architects, and others—for a world-class new memorial to the victims of the 1871 Chinese Massacre, in which at least 18 residents of Los Angeles, or roughly ten percent of the city’s Chinese population at the time, were murdered on October 24, 1871. The new memorial seeks to simultaneously raise public awareness of the 1871 Chinese massacre in Los Angeles and to address contemporary concerns about race, intolerance, and violence. It strives to tell the story of the little-known largest mass killing in Los Angeles history but also to convey a broader, more universal message.


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