The Citywide Mural Program seeks to establish a comprehensive network of mural activity and engagement by muralists, property owners, community stakeholders, educators, technicians, technologists, and preservationists in an effort to stimulate Los Angeles’ mural resurgence.  See below to learn about the Citywide Mural Program, and how to register original or vintage murals.



  • To preserve, conserve, and restore historically significant murals throughout the City with an emphasis on City-sponsored murals;
  • To produce new murals that re-engage communities, especially youth, and create new opportunities for muralists;
  • To provide technical assistance, training, and workshops for muralists as well as interested community members and stakeholders; and,
  • To support mural documentation, presentation, and engagement activities that are interactive, educational, and/or cultural tourism opportunities related to murals.


The City of Los Angeles occasionally sends out requests for proposals or qualifications for public art opportunities. Find out more about these artist opportunities:


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Original Mural Registration

On October 12, 2013, the City of Los Angeles adopted a Mural Ordinance to allow for the creation of new Original Art Murals (OAM) on private property. To be included in our Murals Database and receive an OAM registration certificate, please complete an Original Art Mural Application.

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Vintage Mural Registration

Murals created prior to October 12, 2013 are defined as Vintage Original Art Murals (VAM) or "Grandfathered in" by the Mural Ordinance. To be included in our Murals Database and receive a VAM registration certificate, please complete a Vintage Original Art Mural Application.


Frequently Asked Questions

    To receive information about the City’s Mural Ordinance and guidance on the mural registration process, please call the Public Art Division, DCA at 213-202-5544, or send an email to
    The City’s Mural Ordinance is local legislation adopted by the Mayor and City Council related to existing murals and the creation of new murals in Los Angeles. The Mural Ordinance was established in order to: 1) Lift the 2002 ban on murals on private property, 2) Differentiate new and existing murals from current prohibitions that apply to outdoor advertisements, 3) Create a mural registration process, and 4) Increase public access to and community participation in the creation of original works of art.
    A Vintage Original Art Mural is a mural that was created prior to October 12, 2013.
    The Mural Ordinance defines an Original Art Mural as "A one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, hand-tiled, or digitally printed image on the exterior wall of a building that does not contain any commercial message. For definition purposes, a commercial message is any message that advertises a business conducted, services rendered, or goods produced or sold."
    There are some fundamental requirements to consider before starting the registration process with the Department of Cultural Affairs. The property owner must sign the application certifying permission and accepting maintenance responsibility. There are various time, place and manner regulations to consider before choosing the site and creating the final rendering. A neighborhood involvement meeting is the initial part of the registration process to notify the community near the mural location. A 2-year covenant is filed with the County Recorder’s Office to ensure that the mural remain for a minimum of 2 years. There is a registration fee of $60.00 for mural registration implementation.
    Murals with documented proof of existence prior to October 12, 2013 are deemed Vintage Original Art Murals are considered registered murals by the Department of Cultural Affairs. The DCA manages a mural database which can verify the mural’s date of creation. However, murals that are not recorded in the DCA’s mural database may be registered with a complete Vintage Art Mural Application. Property owners and artists are encouraged to register. There is no fee for Vintage Art Mural Registration.
    Only single family residences located in Council Districts, 1,9, 14, and 15 are eligible for mural registration.
    Yes, however, approval is needed from the Department of City Planning's Office of Historical Resources before mural registration with the DCA. To determine if the mural requires this additional review, please contact or look up the mural location address at and click on the Planning and Zoning tab for Historic Preservation Review.
    The property owner is at risk of receiving a Notice to Comply and inspection fee from Building and Safety for an illegal sign.
    Mural applicants recieve a Notice to Proceed letter from the Public Art Division Director authorizing fabrication. If you would like more information on a mural project, such as legal status, please send an address and image to
    The Department of Cultural Affairs is working with each Council Office to provide funding for Council District-specific mural related projects. Contact your Council District representative ( ) for more information. To find out about artist opportunities, visit our Grants and Calls page (
    The approval process for murals on City property is very different from the private property, Original Art Mural registration process.
    All public art projects located on or over City property must be submitted to the Cultural Affairs Commission for
    approval prior to installation. Public art projects include any artwork placed in, upon or extending over any City
    building, street, avenue, park or other City-owned or City-controlled location.

    The approval process consists of:
    1) Completing the Application for Approval of Public Artwork, and gathering requested supporting materials;
    2) Submitting an application to the Public Art Division;
    3) Scheduling dates to present the art project to the Public Art Committee and Cultural Affairs Commission;
    4) Appearing before the Public Art Committee to receive feedback and be recommended for approval to the
    Cultural Affairs Commission; and
    5) Appearing before the Cultural Affairs Commission to receive a conceptual and/or final approval.

    To receive the Application, or if you have any questions please contact the Public Art Division staff at (213) 202-5544, or email

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