2024 Mandatory Employee Trainings

  • Anti-Bias Learning for Employees (ABLE) Refresher Course – Due June 14, 2024
  • Citywide Workplace Equity Policy – Due July 25, 2024
  • ITA Cybersecurity – Due August 7, 2024

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Working Rules and Regulations

Below find copies of the working rules and regulations for DCA employees that support the effective implementation of our operations and service delivery. Attached are four revised personnel policies and procedures:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing 
  • Outside Employment 
  • Sexual and Racial Discrimination Free Workplace 
  • Timekeeping and Reporting  

In addition to these working rules, a Gender Transition memorandum and the City’s Personnel Handbook, and a list of Department Directives are also included.

It is required that each employee fully understands the working rules, policies, practices that govern employment with the City, and the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Also, please find bulletins for the City of Los Angeles promotional opportunities and Civil Service examinations for job classifications within the City.

DCA Working Rules and Regulations

Cultural Affairs Internal Transfer Opportunities

City of Los Angeles Promotional Opportunities

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