RFP for a Consultant Team to Develop the Process Evaluation and Community Engagement Strategy for the COVID-19 Memorial Initiative


The Mayor’s Office requests that the Consultant provide an itemized budget for the completion of the following tasks and deliverables


Mayor’s Office And Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Public Art Division


Jan 7, 2022 - 5:00 pm




Jeanne Holm
Deputy Mayor Mayor’s Office of Budget and Innovation
200 N. Spring St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 978-3340 Jeanne.holm@lacity.org

Request for Proposals open to professional consultants, academics, survey designers, sociologists, urban planning, public policy, and planning researchers residing in the County of Los Angeles.


The City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, in partnership with Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), is seeking a consultant team to develop a process evaluation, community engagement strategy, and facilitate listening sessions to determine if and how the city should create a permanent Covid-19 Memorial, and garner community feedback on the form(s) and site(s) for a Memorial. Before the city can begin to envision constructing a permanent representation of the effects of Covid19 on Angelenos, it is important for communities to heal, beginning with the need for personal reflection and contemplation. Thus, the focused attention during the first phase of this initiative shall address three key themes: Honor, Remember and Mobilize. Honor the loss of ordinary citizens and city workers; Remember and ameliorate the grief and disruptions to our lives and livelihoods; and mobilize solidarity amongst Angelenos to come together to rebuild communities. The Consultant, under the oversight of Mayor’s Office, shall work with the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), representatives from other city departments, and other relevant stakeholders as needed to accomplish the Scope of Work. While most memorials mark a specific event or person, a permanent Covid-19 memorial will be the first citywide memorial that specifically recognizes the pandemic as an event that every Angeleno experienced simultaneously and collectively, albeit differently, and how memorializing this moment will shape our civic identity in the future.

Submit your proposal to Felicia Filer via email: felicia.filer@lacity.org.

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