Public Art Division

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DCA also significantly supports artists and cultural projects through four distinct types of arts programs within its Public Art Division, each committed to the creation and/or maintenance of art within the public realm: the Public Works Improvements Arts Program (PWIAP, more commonly known as Percent-for-Public-Art or Public % for Art), the Private Arts Development Fee Program (ADF), the Murals Program, and the City’s Art Collection.

As part of the Division’s PWIAP and ADF Programs, DCA implements an independent peer panel and public review process to commission public artists and to approve the creation and/or presentation of site-specific public art projects throughout the City of LA. Through these programs, Division staff oversees a substantial portion of DCA’s programming budget; in FY19/20, through these two programs alone, DCA staff managed a portfolio totaling approximately $3.4 million.

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Felicia Filer

Public Art Division Director


Tania Picasso

Arts Manager, Arts Development Fee Program and City Art Collection


Debbie Ortiz

Arts Associate, Arts Development Fee Program

Yami Duarte

Arts Associate, Murals


Ligeia Gorre

Arts Manager,


Pau Pescador

Arts Associate, Public Percent for Art Program


Becky Snodgrass

Arts Manager, Public Percent for Art Program


Martica Caraballo Stork

Arts Manager, Public Percent for Art Program

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