All DCA grants are reimbursement grants, meaning that a contractual service must be completed before the full payment can be made to the grantee. However, DCA grants contracts are structured so that a grantee may choose to receive the grant in two payments. Check your contract’s APPENDIX B to verify each payment amount.


  1. Download, complete, and sign the City’s form to enroll for automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.
  2. Obtain a letter from your banking representative that verifies your account details. Note the City Controller requires this bank letter to be no more than 6 months old, prepared on your bank’s letterhead, and contain: Bank account name; account number; routing number; bank representative name, email, phone number, and signature.
  3. Email your completed ACH form and your signed bank letter to


  1. Print, complete, and sign the DCA Invoice Form accessed through this link. Copy the exact “Service to be Provided” language from the Appendix B of your contract into the blank space in the center of the form.
  2. On your letterhead provide a listing of committed costs or incurred estimated-expenses equal to (or greater than) your first payment amount.  The listing should include the vendor name or type of service, date, location(s), and amount(s) incurred.  If you have receipts or cancelled checks, keep them in your records; do not send them with the invoice to the Grants Program.  Your signature under penalty of perjury on the invoice form assures us that the services have been planned or started accurately. Do not include expenses for food, travel, accommodations, insurance or any of the items that are not reimbursable with civic funds. Showing a match (double the payment requested, for arts organization grantees) is encouraged but not required.
  3. You may mail your invoice to our office or email our Grants Division


  1. Complete the DCA Final Report Form. To navigate through the pages of this invoice form, use the “Back” and “Next” buttons at the bottom of each page. Avoid using your web browser’s back arrow, as this might reset the form. You will not be able to “save” the form and finish at a later time. It is required that you complete this invoice in one sitting. We recommend that you prepare answers prior to starting your invoice. To see the questions on the form, please refer to this printable PDF
  2. You will also need to complete and attach a List of Activities and a Financial Report to your invoice.
  3. Before submitting your final report, please remember to review all entries for accuracy. Responses cannot be changed once you click “Submit.” It is highly recommended that you click on “Print Form” to save a copy of this invoice for your records.


For status communications please submit two updates each year regarding your grant contract(s).

When you have not completed your grant funded project by March 1 of the grant cycle, you are required to submit the Status Form. The purpose of this form is to confirm that the project is in-progress and will be fully and accurately completed by June 30; or, to inform DCA that the project is facing challenges that may prevent it from being completed by June 30. If contract modification is required, this should be discussed with the staff no later than March, and officially requested by April 1 on an Amendment Form available from the staff.

Approximately 30 days prior to the start of the full series or culminating event of the project, all grantees are required to submit a Grantee Public Activity Promotion/Event Notification Form.


Status Form

Grantee Public Activity Promotion/Event Notification Form

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