The Independent Shakespeare Co. Inc.

ISC was founded in 1998 by actors sharing a passion for classical works. We focused on stripping back the conventions of contemporary theater and discovering efficient, entertaining ways to bring great works to a modern audience.

ISC serves our community through creating inspiring, accessible theater and bringing it to as wide an audience as possible. Our actions and our art are informed by the following beliefs:

  • Classic plays are our cultural legacy and, like all great art, they are a vital part of forming bonds both within our community as well as to the past.
  • Diversity within the production, as well as in the audience, creates stronger, more entertaining theatrical experiences.
  • The audience’s understanding and enjoyment of the theater experience is of paramount importance.
  • Great writing and skillful performances take precedence over the technical elements of contemporary theatre.
  • Dynamic speaking and innovative staging are the primary means of engaging the audience’s imagination.
  • Productions of classical plays should be readily available to all.
  • There is no greater cause than to expand current audiences and create future ones.



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