Jill D'Agnenica's suspended book sculpture at the Northridge Branch Library, Los Angeles, CA
Jill D’Agnenica’s suspended book sculpture at the Northridge Branch Library, Los Angeles, CA

The mission of the City of Los Angeles Public Works Improvements Arts Program (“Program”) is to provide publicly accessible works of art, arts and cultural facilities, and services for the cultural benefit of the City, its citizens and its visitors. The Program was established in Administrative Code Section 19.85 to create arts amenities, facilities and services in connection with all City capital improvement projects. The Department of Cultural Affairs (“DCA”) and its General Manager bear the final responsibility for managing the Program.

The goals of the Program are:

  • To provide appropriate forms of artistic and cultural expression in all City capital improvement projects;
  • To integrate the work of artists into the design and planning of capital improvement projects;
  • To ensure that the selected art programs serve the needs of the people using the capital improvement projects;
  • To ensure that qualified artists of all genders and ethnic groups are represented;
  • To provide a variety of arts and cultural activities; and
  • To ensure the highest of level of artistic excellence.

The Program applies to all City capital improvement projects whether funded by Council controlled or proprietary departments. The Program applies to all capital improvement projects unless otherwise specifically excluded.

The Program may take a variety of forms. Funds may be spent on amenities, facilities, services or restoration of historic features. The nature of the art program will be determined by DCA in consultation with the sponsoring agency. At the inception of each capital improvement project, DCA staff will meet with staff of the sponsoring agency to decide upon the type of arts program. Once this decision has been made, DCA, in consultation with the sponsoring agency, is responsible for developing the art program.

The City of Los Angeles occasionally sends out requests for proposals or qualifications for public art opportunities. To find out more about these artist opportunities:

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