CURRENT:LA Public Art Triennial

Current LA DCA Initiative

CURRENT:LA puts a new spin on traditional international triennials by democratizing the way people access art. The initiative shifts art away from the museum environment and places temporary public art projects and public programs in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles where residents and visitors live, work, and play.

CURRENT:LA uses contemporary art as a way to deepen connections on issues affecting
Los Angeles and other global cities to inspire civic discourse on those particular issues.

CURRENT:LA is funded by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. For more information, please visit or follow CURRENT:LA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Food culture is more diverse today, offering more possibilities for exploration than ever before. From modern scientific experiments to the revival of local ethnic traditions, these developments are cause for wonder and celebration. And yet, we have food that is increasingly unhealthy and is unjustly distributed, while hunger and malnutrition continue to plague demographics around the world. The contributing artists for CURRENT:LA FOOD will highlight the advances — as well as the challenges — we face as producers and consumers.

Through major public art commissions and public programs with local, international, and multigenerational artists, CURRENT:LA FOOD will explore the multiplicity of food. Placement of the CURRENT:LA FOOD projects within LA’s burgeoning public transit infrastructure will allow for greater exploration and access, bringing these projects directly to residents and visitors throughout the city. Through an intricate partnership between artists and community members, CURRENT:LA FOOD will shed new light on the precarious balance between pleasure and peril found in food today, and the many ways food gives expression to social and political life.  


DCA’s CURRENT:LA FOOD artists are:

Eva Aguila & Coaxial Arts Foundation
Cooking Sections
Adrià Julià
Nancy Lupo
Shana Lutker
Emily Marchand
Julio César Morales & Max La Rivière-Hedrick
Michael Queenland
Michael Rakowitz
Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs & Annie Gimas
Ry Rocklen
Jazmin Urrea
Nari Ward

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