About the Project

In March 2021 the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) launched Reimagine Public Art: Vol. 1 in partnership with the Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI), a virtual public art exhibition that captured the adaptation of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. It introduced a compelling lineup of artists working across all mediums to reimagine what new forms public art might take in the new hybrid public space when the city was closed.  (To revisit Vol. 1, please go to our Archive).

Reimagine Public Art: Vol. 2 gives us another glimpse of the hybrid forms public art might take as the city continues to reopen. As Angelenos begin to alternate their interactions with each other between virtual and physical public spaces, what will be the prime takeaway from the pandemic for communities in relation to public art?

Curatorial Statement

Reimagine Public Art: Vol. 2 continues the examination of art in its hybrid form, art that was not always in the public realm or virtually accessible. Vol. 2 emphasizes an exploration of four Los Angeles neighborhoods: Central, South, Northeast LA and the Northwest Valley.  In the first of two Curatorial Showcases in Vol. 2, Reframe, looks at how we present ourselves and the emotions that are present within the context of a quarantine. As restrictions are lifted, Reframe looks at how we have found ourselves navigating the role-reversal of the previously strange and uncertain life in quarantine versus what was once familiar, but has now been out of reach during the pandemic.

The second Vol. 2 showcase, Restructure, is a self-examination of our interactions and the built environment within the public sphere. At the beginning of the pandemic, public access to our homes increased through the virtual realm. Today, there is a reexamination of the outdoors and the cityscape. As a public art project, Reimagine Public Art: Vol. 2 shows that the cityscape has a malleable effect on the creative community’s ability to Reframe and/or Restructure the very nature of their creative practice. As artists and community members, a central question posed for the artists in the showcase included: What do you look forward to exploring in your neighborhood in terms of public art and/or community as the city reopens? The artists selected for Reframe and Restructure provide insight about their neighborhoods. In addition, artists featured in Curatorial Showcases will highlight upcoming public programs (online or in person) for the public to enjoy. As we explore Reimagine Public Art: Vol. 2, think about what makes YOUR neighborhood unique!

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